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For those interested in discovering more about the adventurous life of Mick Parker, acclaimed biographer James Knight has written a detailed account that brings together hours of research, interviews and photography.

Introduced by one of Australia’s most notable alpinists, Andrew Lock, and featuring the words of several of Michael’s close friends and family, the book is not only a worthy tribute to the man, but it also serves to provide another perspective to the growing body of literature focusing on the achievements of Australian mountaineers in the Himalayas.

Most importantly, roughly $10 from every sale of Spirit High will be donated directly to The Michael Parker Foundation, helping them to continue the work that Mick never had time to complete.

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    When I started reading this book I did not know Mick Parker, nor did I know very much about mountaineering. I certainly did not know anything about the very real draw that the 8000ers have on mountaineers. Now I know a little more...

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